Watch us make Sweden's most famous and historic candy!


Historical hand made candy

Polkapojkarnas Polkagriskokeri’s picturesque 19 th century store and candy factory is the only place in Stockholm where you can see the traditional and popular manufacturing of the world famous candy cane, “Polkagris”, all hand made of course. The charming little store is located on Lilla Nygatan 10 in the heart of Stockholm’s Old Town, just a stone’s throw away from Old Town’s subway station, and it is full of beautiful and traditional tasty candy loved by young and old.

It doesn’t matter who you are and where you’re from, everyone knows what a candy cane is. For many of us the candy cane, “Polkagris” in Swedish, is the red and white peppermint candy that you hang in your Walt Disney-inspired Christmas tree and for some it is the taste of childhood and of a sweet summer’s day. Although many people know what a candy cane is, not many know that the candy cane is a Swedish invention, and that it was meant to be a medicine. 



In 1859 the poor widow Amalia Eriksson, who lived in the scenic town of Gränna located on the shore of lake Vättern, found her daughter Ida coming down with a cold. Amalia, who was a creative woman, rushed to the pharmacy and bought a small bottle of peppermint oil. By mixing sugar, water and vinegar and adding a few drops of peppermint oil she tried to make Ida some home made cough drops. The story doesn’t tell whether Ida got well or not but the rumor about Amalias “Polkagris” spread and the success a fact. People loved her sweet and refreshing candy and came from a long way to get it. The success gave Amalia Eriksson the inofficial title Sweden’s first female entrepreneur and she died a wealthy woman at the age of 99.

Today Amalia Eriksson’s “Polkagris” is featured in many of Astrid Lindgren’s beloved books and is not only the symbol of the town of Gränna but the global symbol for candy.


Make you own Polkagris

If you want to try a truly unique and genuine Swedish handicraft you and your friends or family are welcome to make your own “Polkagris”. Polkapojkarna’s professional polkagris bakers will give you and your friends a short brief and history lesson before you get to start baking. Baking “Polkagrisar” looks much easier than it is and is a fun and delicious way to start an evening on the town. The winner gets a tasty award and an exclusive diploma signed by five World Champions in polkagris baking and you get to keep everything you bake. Contact Polkapojkarnas Polkagriskokeri for prices and availability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, in town for long vacation or a quick layover, alone or with friends and family, a stop at Polkapojkarna’s real life Willy Wonka factory is the sweetest ingredient of a great Stockholm visit.